Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 15th: Track workout

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Salt Lake the temp: 53 degrees! We had our workout out on our new track. My workout was 12x 300 meters. We had 2 minutes in between each 300 meters. I started out running :57 seconds, then after three I went down to :55 seconds. With 6x 300 meters to go I went down to :54- :53 seconds for each 300 meters. This workout was mainly for the mile. These pacing were on track for a 4:55 mile, which I am trying to reach by indoor conference. Today's workout was actually pretty hard for me, my legs felt dead. But I think it was just because these were repeats were pretty quick compared to the rest of my workouts this year.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 12th-13th: UW MEET- Washington Bound

So this weekend I was in Seattle for a HUGE meet at UW. On friday night I went for a pre-meet, 2 mile run and then 3x100 meter strides just to get some speed in. I was pretty nervous for the next day, my whole family was coming to watch me race! I wanted to run real fast.

February 12th: Race Day- My race was at 11 a.m. and I was in the first heat out of 6 heats of the mile. There was 18 girls in my heat, some from Washington, idaho, California and Oregon. So it was a pretty awesome line-up. I started out the race in 7th and throughout the race moved up and finished in 3rd with a time of 5:06. This is a lifetime best for me in the mile, so I was very happy with my time. Next week I will run the mile and I know I can drop more time and hopefully go under 5 minutes! I am finally getting back to myself, dropping my times:)
click here to see my race on flotrack!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10th: Recovery day

Today was just another recovery run. Yesterday's workout at the oval irritated my foot so today I got my feet taped up and went out for a 3.5 mile run. I came back in and still wanted and needed to get in some more miles so I got on the stationary bike and biked 6 miles. The ratio for biking to running is 2:1 so today I ran about 6 miles. Todays run did not feel to good, my legs are just really tired from all the hard work we have done this week.  Now my total miles for the week are 34 miles. Getting ready to go to SEATTLE this weekend for the UW invite! I am so excited to be going home:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9th: Oval Workout

Today our workout was a 20 minute continuous threshold run:I ran 3.75 miles. My pace was about 6:15. Not my best but this is a very long workout for me! Running 20 minutes straight is on the long side for me, but my coach was happy with my times and effort. After our 20 minute threshold run we had 5x 200 meters. I wanted to get in some speed work before my race this weekend so I ran all five 200 meters in :31 seconds! It was hard transitioning from threshold pace to a sprint, but I pushed through it! Hopefully this workout will help me this weekend! I felt pretty good on this workout. My legs are really tired now after the workout, So far this week I have ran 28 miles!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8th: Recovery run

Today was just a normal recovery run since we had a workout yesterday! my legs were super tired and sore from weights yesterday morning and still trying to get the lactic acid out of my legs from the races this weekend. I ran along the Wasatch front:(It's our mountain range right along the highway) I only did a 4.5 mile run going about 7:30 mile pace. I should have probably gone for 6 miles but I just wasn't feeling it today. I am a strong believer that if you really aren't felling good or feeling well that you shouldn't push yourself, taking it easy on some days can actually help you. So today was my easy easy day. Tomorrow I'll  be ready for our workout!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

february 5th and February 7th: Race day and Workout

Saturday: I raced the mile at 11:30 in Boise, ID. The track is 200 meters in length and so for me to complete the mile its 8 laps. I had an o.K race I ran a 5:12 which is descent for me because I am just getting back into racing and working out after I broke my foot in the fall! To start of the season with a 5:12 mile and placing 6th out of 36 girls I thought was pretty good! After that race I had 3 hours and I had to race again in the 3000 meters. The reason I raced the 3k was because I was pacing two of my slower teammates to get a better time! So thats what I did, I helped my two teammates run 10 second P.R's( personal records). I won this race with a 10:48. Which is not really a good time, but I wasn't trying for a better time. I had a pretty descent day overall.

February 7th: Workout at Olympic Oval

Today we had a workout at our 436 meter indoor track! This indoor track is called the Oval and it is where the speed skating competition for the olympic's were held! It just so happens that they have a 5 lane track on the outside the skating rink. The facility is really nice and helps us get in some great workouts! Our workout today was 2x 1000 meters and then 5x400 meters, 5x300 meters! Our 1000 meters was supposed to be in 3:30 seconds with 3 minutes rest in-between each 1000 meters. I ran both my 1k's in 3:25 a little fast but it felt easy. Then our 5x400's were supposed to be in 84 seconds with 2 mins rest in-between. I ran them at 73 seconds each and got into some trouble from the coach for going to fast. I was upset over this because I felt like I need to get more speed work in, I did not feel like the 400s were to fast, I ran the 400 meters really smooth and it was easy! Lastly the 5x300 meters were supposed to be in 60 seconds but I ended up running all of them in 57 seconds! This workout was terrible for me because the times I was supposed to run were too slow, I was very frustrated. I got told off by my coach today for going to fast! I needed to go faster because I needed to be pushed harder. Overall today I pretty much did what I wanted to, and got in trouble for it.  Hopefully tomorrow and the next few days will be better!

Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4th: Pre-Meet in Boise, ID!

Today was a long road trip to Boise, ID it was a 6 hour bus drive with all the Utah women:)! The day before a meet we always have a pre-meet workout! What I do is a 2 mile jog, real easy so I don't over work for the race the next day! After my 2 mile run I went into the Indoor track and did 3x 100 meters at a sprint! Just to get my legs used to running fast!!! I like to go be on the track before I race on it so I can feel it out. Tomorrow I will be racing at 11:30 which is the mile and then again at 3:30 for the 3k. It is going to be a long day. But hopefully a successful one.  We are competing against a few schools I am familiar with like WhitWorth University and Eastern Washington University! Makes me a little homesick but it will feel nice to beat my parents former team: (Eastern Washington)
Wish us luck!